• I’d like to say a massive thanks for your support. When we came to Bloomfield, R……. had lost all his confidence, he could barely read or write. Though the journey isn’t over, you’ve given us the building blocks and firm foundations to go forward.

      I am so grateful Anne, you exude passion for your work and it shines onto my son.

      Lola, April 2021
    • When things were continually not going well at school and my child was seen as trouble and needing to spend the rest of his school life in a pupil referral unit, the Bloomfield gave us hope.

      Maryam, December 2020
    • We have a meeting with the school next week but I can’t thank you enough for your excellent assessment and words of encouragement and support. As you saw it was as much of a relief for George as us. We cannot thank you enough.

      Karen and Geoff, June 2019
    • My son did not trust adults and became resistant to learning. He attended the Bloomfield where the teachers are so skilled and child focused they broke down these barriers to enable him to begin to learn.

      Mary, February 2019
    • For Greg the Bloomfield has made the difference from a child with low self esteem to a child that is able to access and decipher the world around them.

      Sue, January 2019
    • The deep understand and the first hand experience of all the staff has helped us as a family understand that dyslexia requires a different attitude and method for teaching children. It has helped us and our child believe that they can achieve their full potential by using a different approach to learning.

      Frances, January 2017
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